Let's talk, talk, talk!

That’s because talking is the best way to learn a language.

Speak what you’ve learned

You’ve already worked hard learning English. Now it’s time to enjoy using it in various life situations.

Boost your confidence

Gain confidence through conversations using Dialogs. With a variety of virtual activities, you can improve your speaking skills.

Have fun!

The activities are designed to be fun and enjoyable for you to speak in various fun activities.

How it Works

Start your day with Hello, Welcome!

Have a chat with your Dialogs tutor. Share your thoughts and interests. The topics are random and open ended, all designed to help you improve your English conversation skills.

Play Today’s Activity

Every day, you will be presented with an activity of different topics in which you will role play. You will listen to the narrations and interact with the characters by listening and talking within the story. You can first Watch an activity, then play your part in Learn mode and later in Play mode.

Solve a mystery

There’s something funny going on at a prominent biotech start-up company in San Francisco. You are an intelligence officer assigned to this mission. Apply your English-speaking skills to solve the mystery.

Track your progress

See how you’re doing; and monitor your progress. Dialogs is not about becoming fluent in just a few weeks, like many others would promise. It’s about making everyday progress little by little, and before you know it, you’ll be speaking English fluently with confidence in any situation.

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